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monkey journey to the west opera



What the critic have to say...

2008-07-08 18:36:41

Daily Mail 4 out of 5 by Adrian Thrills
"Another triumph"

Independent 4 out of 5 by Andy Gill
“Journey to the West appears to be in the process of becoming a cultural benchmark.”
“there can’t be many multimedia projects that are quite as satisfying and entertaining as this phantasmagoria of myth, music and mummery”
“the original show’s diverse musical elements harnessed in a more homogeneous experience but without sacrificing its variety of musical colour”

Guardian Film & Music 4 out of 5 by Alexis Petridis
“The result is often dazzling, as on Heavenly Peach Banquet, a sumptuous cocktail of echoing electronics, harp, fluttering female vocals - as magical a piece of pop music as you're ever likely to hear."  
“it’s hard not to marvel at the ambition on display here "    

The Times 4 out of 5 by John Mulvey by Danny Eccleston
"Heavenly Peach Banquet is irresistible pop melody, like a Mandarin girl-group surrounded by harps, laughing chatter and Chinese strings."
"Then there’s the penultimate Monkey Bee – the second-longest track at 5:02 – and also the most satisfying, building from a vocal “round” into a Gorillaz-y electro-swagger into a catharsis of Western rock distortion"

The Sun 4.5 out of 5 by Simon Cosyns